Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina

本のシーン: 63
  • Sep 19, 1985
  • Czech Republic
  • Green
  • Blonde
  • 5'6" | 168cm
  • 34DD (US)| 75F (EU)
  • 25 | 64
  • 37 | 94
  • 7½ | 38
Coming from the city of Vychodocesky, Czech Republic is the pornstar known simply as Katarina. Sometimes she has been known to use the last name Dubrova or Hartlova but not always.

What never changes though is her amazing figure measuring 34DD-25-37 and her pretty green eyes that are very pale and can look amber or even blue in the right setting. She has a tall look at 5 feet 6 inches but is so busty that it's hard to notice much else beyond her naturally grown tits.

The DDF Busty scene called "Takes His Tips In Tits" is one of the first hardcore performances that she ever did after doing mostly solo scenes previously. She appears in the scene wearing a pinstripe suit that won't even close over her big bust line. She accepts the delivery from the guy, and can't help noticing him staring down her cleavage so she seduces him on the spot. After kneeling down and sucking on his dick, she slides it between her boobs and then lays back while he penetrates her pussy.

It's a nice hardcore scene for Katarina and members certainly love it too and often add it into their favorites folder in the members area.


Tienes unas lindas tetas kata y eres muy flexible para abrir la panocha

Anonymous, 6ヶ月前

I fucking love this girl. How can we get her back? Pregnant, after baby milking her tits while dildoing, or fucking? I love this girl!!!

Anonymous, 6ヶ月前


Anonymous, 7ヶ月前

She's overrated. Not tan enough, almost never a dick in her and never wears pantyhose!!! What a disaster!!

RobertoHempelBA, 7ヶ月前

This is one incredibly sexy lady, who evidently really enjoys sex and loves to tease us with her perfect breasts. The more of her, the better!

Anonymous, 1年前


Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Cleavage Magic
110 767
28分の動画 100
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Queen of the Mountains
139 911
34分の動画 110
Laura Orsolya aka Laura M. and Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Four Cups of Plenty
96 254
35分の動画 110
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Cornucopia of Katerina Hartlova
67 137
29分の動画 120
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - The Ultimate Katerina Hartlova
74 274
25分の動画 110
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Wonders Keep A-Coming
62 439
25分の動画 110
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Swinging Sweetheart
68 190
25分の動画 130
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina and Joanna Bliss - Rub-A-Jug-Jug
100 283
22分の動画 125
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - The Earthy Goddess
67 833
25分の動画 105
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina and Roxanne Miller - Cozy In The Attic
59 860
29分の動画 90
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Stunning Us To Squirt!
61 394
27分の動画 105
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Goddess At Play!
62 064
17分の動画 100
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - The Glorious One Returns!
113 369
34分の動画 90
Katerina Hartlova aka Katarina - Look, Learn, And Lust!
82 618
30分の動画 120
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