Merilyn Sekova

本のシーン: 19
  • 4月 07, 1985
  • Ukraine
  • Green
  • Brown
  • 5'6" | 168cm
  • 32F (US)| 70H (EU)
  • 26 | 66
  • 36 | 91
  • 7½ | 38
Busty beauty Merilyn Sekova comes from the Ukraine and is a perfect fit for the DDF Busty website. Her 32F-26-36 inch body is naturally part of the reason but she is also undeniably sexy in so many other subtle ways.

From her brown hair to her sexy green eyes she possesses that special intangible something that sets some women apart from others. Miss Sekova, who has also been known as Anya, has performed in dozens of scenes including "In the Grasp of her Glands" which features her in a sexy latex French maid outfit.
Of course the uniform doesn't last too long as she strips down to her bra and panties in short order. Her hair is a pretty red shade in this scene and she's treating her vacuum more like a sex toy than a cleaning tool. By the end of this scene she has exposed and played with every inch of her sexy body and hardly cleaned anything in the room! The owner could easily forgive the issue though if he has witnessed her performance.
Merilyn is the kind of humble woman who has been known to share emails back and forth with fans and even stops to take pictures with them on the street.



Waiting to see a footjob scene!

Anonymous, 5ヶ月前

The website Boobpedia says that she has had a breast reduction! Another one bites the dust fellas! So sad! :(

Anonymous, 10ヶ月前

Amazing body!

Anonymous, 1年前

GORGEOUS woman huge tits I LOVE her and her video's . JE2ryMcM

Je2ryMC, 1年前

Unfortunately nothing new :( Did she go inactive?

Anonymous, 1年前


Merilyn Sekova - The Stunning Vision
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17分の動画 115
Merilyn Sekova - Enough Flesh for 4 Tits!
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16分の動画 115
Merilyn Sekova - In the Grasp of her Glands!
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Merilyn Sekova - Have a cantaloupe cocktail or two!
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Merilyn Sekova - Hot babe playing with boobs!
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Merilyn Sekova - Finger banging her juicy hole!
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Merilyn Sekova - Busty Merilyn Sekova is back to sho
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