Holiday Knocker Convention!

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Holiday Knocker Convention!

Two Busty Legends, Katerina Hartlova and Joanna Bliss, are joined by newcomer to our site Roxanne Miller as these top-heavy talents ring in the New Year with a convention of their cantaloupes! Each lady is outfitted in a different and equally fetching way to show off her endowments, and they enjoy champagne toasts before Katerina Hartlova takes some ice cubes and playfully slides them into Roxanne’s cleavage. Soon they’re raising the curtain on Joanna’s boobs, fondling, hefting, and sucking them. Meanwhile Joanna continues to enjoy her champagne, even pouring some of it down her right tit into Katarina’s mouth which is positioned right under her nipple.

Next Roxanne is the focus and wait until you see her huge bare globes! There’s lots of fun and laughter as bubbly ends up on boobs, soon to be licked up. Katerina Hartlova lays back on a table for the same treatment, and Roxanne licks at Kat’s nips while Kat feels up Joanna’s knobs.

Then out comes a special holiday treat: chocolates! And you know how chocolates end up when they’re anywhere near giant knockers! The candies are rubbed on Roxanne’s nipples, and then Joanna and Katerina Hartlova kneel to lick the flavor off. Even Roxanne gets into licking the chocolate off her own tits. Katerina Hartlova licks Joanna’s boobs, and we get some great shots of Joanna lapping at the round hugeness of Roxanne’s bells at the same time. You won’t know where to look first when these ladies get going on their bosoms!

We save the best for the end. Wait until you see the ladies posing together with a holiday message written across their racks! And with the greeting written on such wonderfully endowed babes, it’s sure to be a bountiful year!
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