Big Boobs Rock The Clinic!


Vanessa and Klaudia Hot

1. 16, 2013
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Big Boobs Rock The Clinic!

What happens when a busty doctor meets a busty patient? Let’s find out as Klaudia Hot and her 34Ds show up for an appointment with Dr. Vanessa and her 34 Double-Ds! Vanessa leans over to listen to Klaudia’s chest, and meanwhile we can see Vanessa’s cleavage practically bursting out of her doctor duds! Klaudia’s cleavage looks pretty good too as it warms up the stethoscope. Well, a proper medical examination can only been done when clothes are removed, and soon Klaudia’s blouse is gone and her bright blue lacy boulder-holder exposed to our view. But next Dr. Vanessa departs from orthodox medical practice by insisting she has to take off her white coat to properly conduct her exam, and so we see her enormous red bra next! Dr. Vanessa climbs on the exam table and these two top-heavy talents explore each other's glandular development. Vanessa sucks Klaudia's melons and then Klaudia hefts the doc's dugs into her lucky hands. Further disrobing follows as tits are sucked and pussies are probed.

But then the physician has a surprise as Vanessa suddenly wields a huge flesh-colored strap-on which juts out of her crotch! Klaudia sucks it, getting herself in the mood for riding it cowgirl style on the exam table, which gives Vanessa plenty of opportunity to suck on those Hot hooters! Vanessa bangs Klaudia in doggie style, fondling her boobs at the same time; but then Klaudia gets into the strap-on act, putting the dong on herself and getting the good doctor down on her knees to suck it. Vanessa tit-fucks the rubber shaft, too, and then she kneels on a stool while Klaudia powers into her from behind. Things heat up further when Vanessa climbs on top of the prick for some reverse cowgirl and rides the shaft while sucking on her own knobs. Looks to us like both of these babes have earned a very clean bill of health--because gettin’ down and dirty with beautiful boobs from time to time will do that for ya!


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