Tata Tunnel Vision



1. 27, 2014
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Tata Tunnel Vision

“Hello, Doctor,” Roxana seems to say today as she presents her lovely Romanian self to our cameras. Got it, doll, let’s play doctor! “All right, Miss Roxana, what seems to be the problem? A chest cold, perhaps? No wonder...you really ought to cover yourself up a little better if you want to avoid...giving your healer a hard-on which is going to cloud his mind and make it very difficult for him to diagnose your...problem!! Okay, take off your outer clothes so I may continue the exam...I’ll get down on the floor and give you the low angle procedure...it’s best for judging the exact protuberance of your glands!! True, I jest but even a dedicated physician can only take so much! Those 34DD knockers with gorgeous suckable nipples and that exciting deep cleavage are the only things I can see!! Yes, your doctor must confess to a lingering case of tata tunnel vision! And now you’re showing me your pussy too...and your asshole as well? Oh dear, I’m going to need a total physical tuneup myself after I drain the gallons of semen you’ve stimulated with your incredible big natural boobs!!”


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