Tennis Tingler



1. 24, 2014
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Tennis Tingler

Here at DDFBusty we create a whole world for you. You can see our bosomy models get horny in the the doctor’s office...or, as in Sirale’s case today, in the gym! The Czech pornstar starts out playing with a tennis racquet, but soon decides she’s more interested in showing off her 34F boobs. Down goes the tank top, up goes the bra, and her yummy huge tits go on full display! Physical fitness takes a back seat in her concerns as she squeezes her squachies together as our closely observant camera crews hone in on her hooters, shooting her huge brown nipples from above, straight ahead, and from below. The tennis racquet comes into play again, though, when Sirale presses it against her rack, with the nipples peeking out between the strings. Laying on the floor, she sucks on the racquet handle, then squeezes the ball between her cleavage. Leaning over on her knees so her bells swing free, she then finds another use for the handle, cramming it into her clam for a tempestuous tingle and then sucking her juices off, before posing in front of the big wall mirror to give us two Sirales for the price of one!!


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