Extra Special Treat


Lucie Wilde

1. 31, 2014
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Extra Special Treat

We’ve got a super special treat for you today--so special that we’re going to bookend it with an encore scene of the same model next week! Newcomer Lucy Wilde not only boasts an incredibly large pair of breasts, but also a sweet and sensitive face that will set off a whirlwind of fantasies in your brain and balls. It’s almost as if she looks like someone who stepped out of a classic Renaissance painting--but with huge knockers! In her busty casting session, Lucy peels out of her jeans to her black industrial strength bra and matching thong. Once she’s barefoot and only in her scanties, we get some nice cleavage views but can’t wait for her to take off that boulder-holder to display those startlingly beauteous bells! Looking a bit shy, yet friendly in her Full HD video, she holds her hands over her bosom as she watches our cameraman go down on his knees to shoot upward to capture the sweep and scope of her amazing offerings. Then Lucy kneels on the bed so we can enjoy her slender body in the doggie position with those heavy hangers lightly rubbing against the sheets. Here’s a girl with loads of potential, promising us many potential loads!

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