Stupendous & Magnificent



2. 10, 2014
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Stupendous & Magnificent

We start out this Valentine’s Day week with the always-amazing Lola from the Czech Republic, who greets us in the garden today. She’s dressed for lust and romance in her pink satin and black-and-white lace matching bra, garter belt and thong, as well as sheer black stockings and open-toe platform heels. Her ever-stupendous 36H cleavage is on tantalizing display as she sits on the stone table and our DDF cameras capture her from many angles. One moment she’s hefting her bells upward in their elegant cups, and the next leaning over on her knees and letting us see deep into the chasm between her melons. But it’s when she finally takes off her bra that we really fly into hooter hyperspace as she stands over us and presses her globes together so that her rack juts forward in all its fleshy magnificence. Truly, there are some outstanding images of her incredible large nipples and the sexy texture of her heavy jugs in her nude pics and Full HD video. Lola rounds out her performance by finally laying down for some fabulous pancake action in this great serving of big natural boobs! Don't miss it.


Lola - Glands Under Glass
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Lola - Unforgettable Vista
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Lola - Lola's tittie vista!
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Dominno and Lola - See top-heavy girls go wild!
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