Jelena Jensen

前件 明くる


生年月日:10. 07, 1981

の国:United States



身長:5'10" | 178cm

ブラのサイズ:38F (US)| 85H (EU)

ウエスト:28 | 71

ヒップ:36 | 91

靴のサイズ:9 | 40

Jelena Jensen is a self made industry mogul whose story is an interesting one full of surprising twists and turns, and of course lots of amazing sex. Jelena had no intentions of ever entering the adult industry until she answered an ad to take a second job while in college, unaware that it was a fulfillment company in the industry. After becoming their face at trade shows and other PR events, her voluptuous figure and photogenic face was the one getting all of the attention and famous photographers were dying to photograph her. So, she finally gave in and began glamour modeling. Her sultry and sexy aura is undeniable and the film student turned film star has become a massive success in her own right having been featured in Playboy and Hustler and has received many awards in her career. It's always a treat to see her sexing it up with herself or one of her hot girlfriends, so don't deny yourself some one on one time with the American beauty.